Chairman’s Speech:

Welcome to join Yinhe! Zhejiang Yinhe Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. (Yinhe for short) is an outstanding private business that grows up rapidly. To become a member of it is your pride and everyone’s fate.

Our company has gone through ups and downs since the establishment and ushered in constantly expanded business scale, increasing economic benefits, and enhanced social image. All this cannot be achieved without the unremitting efforts of all staff. The gradually mature and highly qualified staff team has become our largest treasure and the source for our constant development.

Past glories give us confidence. We believe that we are able to challenge a higher standard. To this end, we have taken standard management and improving our company’s value as a ruler measuring all our work. “Wholehearted, Sincere, Colorful” should be not only a slogan, but also implemented in our management and reflected in each employee’s action. I hope our employees can positively learn the advanced and successful experience from the others and how to serve customers better, so as to develop our company during learning!

With China’s accession to the WTO and the successful organization of the Olympic Games, the Chinese nation rises again. At this moment, you meet me in the family of Yinhe. We should have a common goal, that is, to make Yinhe flourish!

Finally, wish you all succeed and wish Yinhe succeed!

Market Orientation:
Guided by new knitted products, regarding printing&dyeing as
core business.

Image Set:
Command good credit standing and nice public image
Care about economy benefit pursuit and society devotion

Become an influential modern enterprise with advanced management!

General Managing Truth
Sincereness, faithfulness, and true color!

Paraphrase of our general managing truth -- sincereness
"Sincereness" reflects that our company deals with its own people, customers and public with a sincere heart.

"Sincereness" reflects the joint efforts made by all staffs as well as the common development of our enterprise, our people and our customers.
“ Sincereness” requests our company maintain an exoteric attitude toward our people, our customers and society. Being sincere is the root of our daily business and principal.

Paraphrase of our general managing truth -- faithfulness
Mutual respect, mutual care, good interpersonal relations in our company.
We keep friendly business relations with customers, maintain frequent communications and do everything for the sake of vast customers.

Paraphrase of our general managing truth -- real color
"Real color" implies our service and products are both professional that we only offer high-quality print knitted fabrics and good service to customers.
Add new colors to human life, make contribution to society.

Analysis on our managing truth -- to customer
Trustworthy service quality, favourable service efficiency, satisfying service attitude, mutual development concept. Establish close fellowship for the coming of a strong and powerful strategic alliance.

Analysis on our managing truth -- to employees
A superior company originates from outstanding service.
Outstanding service originates from prominent employees.

Analysis on our managing truth -- to society
Share mutual benefits, serve economic life

Our philosophy:
Our tiny carelessness may bring big troubles to customers.
Our small miss may bring great loss to our own company.
Quality is always No.1, so there should be no conceding in quality.
A miss is as good as a mile.

Company Motto:
Work hard!
Strive for good service and high quality!
Try to be No.1!

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